How to Choose a Sewing Machine for Beginners

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Choosing the best sewing machine for you can be intimidating. With all the elaborate model numbers, stitch differences and other sewing related jargon, I’m sure you’re having a hard time making a choice.

Throw in the massive price differences, and you end up with a big conundrum on your hands. Don’t worry, we at Sonpra Superstore understand and we’ve created a nifty guide to help you out.

So here are the basics:

What is a Domestic Sewing Machine?

Domestic Sewing Machines are smaller machines made for home use. They are super versatile and can either be electric or hand operated. Depending on the type of machine you purchase, you can sew anything from simple hems to extravagant evening wear. Most domestic machines come with multiple stitch options which you will find in the description of the item. They are also really easy to carry around and pack away. These days there are plenty of options for beginners and masters alike.

15CH Singer Sewing Machine Black with Case

You can check out our Singer CH15 which is hand operated but can also be easily converted into an electric machine. It’s a great budget buy that is durable and perfect if you’re looking for something simple to use.

You can also check out the Singer 8280 if you’re looking for a great electrical sewing machine that won’t break the bank.

What is an Industrial Sewing Machine?

Industrial Sewing Machines are more durable machines that are also larger and usually come with a table and a power saving motor. It’s the perfect type of sewing machine for heavy-duty projects and manufacturing. Each model offers you different capabilities from basic garment mending and stitching curtains, to sewing heavy duty materials for upholstery and tent making.

Sewing Machines - Industrial Sewing Machine - Domestic Sewing Machine
Sewing with an Industrial Sewing Machine

Here are the most commonly purchased Industrial Sewing Machines on the market:

The Straight Stitch

This is probably the most basic and easiest to use on this list. It’s also one of the most popular machines that we at Sonpra Superstore sell. The simple stitch is great for tailoring garments and perfect for sewing all kinds of curtaining. Most seamstresses and tailors start out with this sewing machine as it is simple but still offers you the efficiency you need to make your sewing business successful.

The Zig Zag

This sewing machine offers you more stitch options and can stitch slightly thicker materials than the straight stitch machine. This machine comes at a slightly higher price point and is also more difficult to use if you have had no previous training on an industrial sewing machine. That said though, if you are planning on taking on projects that require a more versatile machine, this is the one to invest in.

The Walking Foot

One of our most sold machines, the walking foot can stitch everything from Ripstop and PVC to Vinyl and Leather. It’s the obvious option if you plan on starting an upholstery or tenting business. This sewing machine is built to be more durable than the others on this list and is great for heavy fabrics.

Industrial Overlocker

The Overlocker

An Overocker is used to create an edging that will protect and create a neat finish on any fabric. The Industrial Overlocker is great for light and medium weight materials used for garments and curtaining. It can even be used on denim. The most popular type is a known as a four head as it stitches four threads together. It’s a great sewing machine to add on to your dressmaking or tailoring business.

We’ve kept it as simple to help you understand the basics of the sewing machines that might suit your needs. If you’re still unsure, visit your local sewing shop or contact us and we’ll help you out with the rest.

Happy Sewing!